Our 12th Sustainability Report explains our approach to social, ethical and environmental issues and our performance during 2013.


Data is for the calendar year 2013 and covers 119,000 employees. Data covers all subsidiaries of the Group. A subsidiary is an entity which we control and/or have a majority shareholding. Associates and joint ventures, where the Group may have influence or joint control, but not outright control, are not included. This reporting scope is aligned with WPP’s financial reporting. See our main operating and associate companies.

Data is collected quarterly through our financial reporting system. Case studies and examples from our companies are collected via an annual survey. Each WPP company has nominated a sustainability representative to compile this, and surveys are signed off by the company CEO before submission to WPP.

The carbon footprint and employment data has been externally assured by Bureau Veritas.

This report contains Standard Disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. See a list of the Standard Disclosures and their location in the report.

We have not restated any data provided in previous reports, with the exception of some carbon footprint data which has been restated to reflect updated emission factors.

We aim to make our website, including our online Sustainability Report, as accessible as possible. In Q1 2014, our site was rated second for accessibility out of over 500 company sites assessed by Sitemorse. See sitemorse.com.

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