Our key sustainability issues

Sustainability creates a wide range of risks and opportunities for WPP. Alongside the issues of particular importance to our business strategy, we also take into account the concerns and priorities of our key stakeholder groups. To help us prioritise and to increase the impact of our sustainability work, we identify the issues most important to our business and our stakeholders through our materiality process, incorporating both internal and external stakeholder feedback.

In line with the requirements of the GRI G4 Reporting Principles, we conducted our most recent formal materiality assessment in January 2014. We made the assessment in a workshop attended by a multidisciplinary team of WPP senior managers.

A list of issues and business aspects was provided to the workshop based on the subjects raised by external stakeholders. (Read about our approach to stakeholder engagement.) Each item was scored for its potential impact on WPP's business. Both positive and negative business impacts were assessed. The output is reflected in the chart below and has been used to define the content of our reporting. All issues identified are covered in this report.

Importance to external stakeholders is plotted on the vertical axis and materiality to WPP is plotted on the horizontal axis. Our materiality assessment identified a number of areas of consensus between WPP and our stakeholders, as well as areas of divergence.

WPP materiality assessment

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Employment
  • Business

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