The Group paid corporation taxes of £273 million in 2013

Tax policy

Tax has repercussions for sustainability as tax revenues sustain national economies. We recognise our obligation is to pay the amount of tax legally due in the territory in which the liability arises and to observe all applicable rules and regulations. At the same time we have an obligation to maximise share owner value, which includes controlling our overall liability to taxation. However, we do not condone either personal or corporate tax evasion under any circumstances.

Our aim is to have a constructive relationship with tax authorities on an ongoing basis. Where disputes arise with tax authorities, in areas of doubt or where legal interpretations differ, we aim to tackle the matter promptly and resolve it in a responsible manner.

The Group paid corporation taxes of £273 million in 2013. Estimated employer and employee taxes (e.g. payroll and social security-related taxes) paid during 2013 were around £850 million.

The WPP Audit Committee, which is made up of independent non-executive directors, is responsible for overseeing our policies on tax and regularly reviews our tax strategy.

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