Reducing our environmental impact is a priority for WPP. We are working to make WPP a low-carbon and resource-efficient Group, with benefits to the environment, our own costs and our credibility with clients.

Fast Read

  • 31% reduction in carbon emissions per employee since 2006.
  • 10% of floor space certified to green building standards such as BREEAM or LEED.
  • 75 new videoconferencing units installed in 2013.
  • Offset 100% of our carbon emissions from air travel.
  • Included in the CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index with a score of 95B.

tonnes of CO2e emitted
per person in 2013
(2012: 2.45)

Video Conferencing

videoconferencing units installed
(2012: 597)

Many clients are prioritising sustainability, seeking to reduce their impact on the environment and to communicate with consumers and stakeholders on these issues. Implementing our own environmental strategy enhances our credibility with clients and enables us to meet the environmental requirements included in a growing number of client procurement processes.

Management approach

We put in place an environmental strategy and carbon reduction target in 2006, which has been revised during 2013. We aim to reduce waste, recycle more and source paper more sustainably. We measure our carbon footprint and environmental performance and publish the results. Our carbon data is externally verified.

Our carbon reduction and environmental strategy is set at Group level and implemented by our regional Environmental Action Teams, in partnership with our companies. These include members of key Group functions, such as IT, real estate and procurement. Progress is regularly reviewed by our Group finance director who is responsible for WPP’s sustainability initiatives.

Our companies implement environmental management systems, of which a small percentage are accredited to standards such as ISO 14001. We participate in the CDP Climate Change program, a collaboration of institutional investors, and were ranked in the B band for performance and received a disclosure score of 95 out of 100 (81B: 2012). WPP was included in the CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index. We also take part, as a responding company, in the CDP Supply Chain program.

Paul Richardson

By reducing our carbon footprint, we are better aligned with some of our most important global clients, and able to reduce costs and risks to the business. We have made good progress, but have a lot more to do to reach our ambitious 2020 target.

Paul Richardson,
Group finance director, WPP

Empowering our companies

We provide information and tools to help our companies manage and reduce energy use. Carbon footprint reports and scorecards are issued to 200 senior decision-makers in Group companies enabling them to compare performance between agencies and to identify and prioritise lower-performing offices.

We hold regular workshops with facilities managers to help them understand and use energy and carbon footprint data to manage performance. We also have an environmental toolkit to give companies access to information on policies, best practices, case studies and other resources.

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