There is intense competition for talent in our industry. To make sure we get the best people, we have developed rigorous recruitment processes, attractive working conditions, rewarding training opportunities and the ability to harness the rich diversity that our global workforce offers.

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  • £64.4 million investment in training and welfare.
  • 47% of senior managers are women.
  • 18% of senior managers in the UK and the US from ethnic minorities.
  • 4,000 internships globally to support young people.
  • 81% of employees involved in a regular appraisal process.

investment in training and welfare (2012: £57.8m)

A woman

of senior managers are women (2012: 47%)

WPP employees (including associates)
(2012: 165,000)

WPP directly employs 119,000 people. When our associate companies are included (those in which we have a minority stake) the figure is over 175,000 people in almost 3,000 offices in 110 countries.

Management approach

Our Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy set out the basic principles that guide us. Our companies use these as the basis for more detailed employment policies that are agreed and implemented at operating company level. The central WPP talent team supports companies to implement and share best practices.

We gather data on diversity, training, sick days and other topics; selected data was externally verified this year.

On labour relations, we support the rights of employees to join trade unions and to bargain collectively. We avoid compulsory redundancies where possible, and when redundancies are necessary we aim to help any employees affected through other opportunities within the Group and employee assistance programs.

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