eligible employees received share awards in 2013
(2012: 48,000)

WPP’s compensation packages are designed to attract and retain the top talent in our highly-competitive industry. We ensure employees receive a competitive remuneration package by benchmarking what we provide against other companies in the relevant market and in our sector.

Many employees, in addition to their base pay, participate in performance-related incentive plans, while more senior employees may participate in share-based compensation plans. Incentive plans are designed so that they encourage and reward excellent performance in either their operational business area or in the share price performance of the company. The Group also provides a range of other benefits such as retirement provision and well-being benefits in accordance with local practice.

Since 1997, we have operated a Worldwide Ownership Plan that has granted share awards to more than 129,000 employees. In 2013 approximately 50,000 eligible employees received awards in over 69 countries. Read about our approach to executive remuneration in WPP’s Annual Report.

Our companies know the importance of financial wellness and can help employees plan for future life events. We offer competitive benefits packages in the area of retirement and savings. Many of our companies offer company-provided or optional life and accident insurance providing additional financial protection. Employee assistance programs may cover financial education, debt management and discounts on financial products such as home mortgages.

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