Employee surveys are run regularly in our companies and in the majority of cases results are shared with all employees. Managers develop action plans to respond to findings.

of leavers had exit interviews

Surveys vary by company but we aim for them to include a consistent set of questions enabling us to monitor and compare views across WPP companies. These questions were included in surveys covering 64% of Group employees in 2013.

Exit interviews are a valuable way of gaining feedback on employee views. In 2013, 79% of leavers had exit interviews.

Employee survey results % employees who agreed
Attracting and retaining people with a diverse background is encouraged at my location 62
My performance in my job is evaluated fairly and regularly 62
I have the opportunity for personal development and growth at this company 61
My company takes an interest in my well-being 58
My work schedule allows me sufficient flexibility to meet my personal/family needs 61
I could discuss ethical concerns with my managers without worrying that my job would be affected 75
My company is trying to cut its carbon footprint 45
Generally we are encouraged to be ‘green’ in our office (e.g. recycling, switching off equipment when not in use, etc.) 59
The support my company gives to charities and good causes is appropriate 61

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