Social marketing

Campaign: World Water Day

Client: Al Ain Zoo

WPP Company: Y&R Abu Dhabi

A major source of water in the UAE is obtained through desalination, which is a highly energy-intensive and polluting process. It costs more to produce one litre of water in the UAE than than it does the same volume of oil. UAE residents are also one of the world’s largest water consumers, using over three times the global average. Working with the Al Ain Zoo, Y&R Abu Dhabi created a campaign on World Water Day to encourage water conservation. A series of posters were created raising awareness of the issue; transparent stickers showing an arid patch of ground were placed in basins, reminding people to turn off the taps, while social media networks disseminated tips on water conservation. The campaign was well received by visitors to the zoo and the visuals were blogged and shared across a multitude of social media websites. The campaign was also featured at the Energy Efficiency Exhibition in Russia.

World Water Day