Social marketing

Campaign: Wimpy Braille Burger

Client: Wimpy

WPP Company: MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg

South African fast food chain Wimpy wanted to let visually impaired people know that they offer braille menus in all of their restaurants. With the help of skilled chefs, MetropolitanRepublic placed sesame seeds on 15 burger buns which in braille described the burger and informed individuals about the availability of the braille menus. The braille burgers were delivered to the three biggest blind institutions in South Africa and had an overwhelming emotional impact on the staff at these organisations. They couldn’t believe that in a world built for sighted people, a restaurant chain would go the extra mile just to make them feel welcome. The message was passed on to over 800,000 visually impaired South Africans and the campaign won several awards including a Gold Clio, Gold and Silver Cannes, One Show Gold and a Gold Loerie.