Sustainability in marketing

Campaign: The Horizons Project

Client: DuPont

WPP Company: OgilvyEntertainment US

Recognizing the need to confront the pressing challenges our world will face over the next decade, OgilvyEntertainment created The Horizons Project to reinforce DuPont as a cutting-edge scientific thought leader and global partner in addressing these challenges. The Horizons Project, which has won over 20 industry awards to date in competitions including the One Show, Telly’s, ECHOs, American Business Awards, and Brave Awards, consists of four key elements:

  1. 1. Horizons, a broadcast series featuring the business leaders and companies who are tackling our world’s greatest issues. Now in its second season on BBC World News, it has been broadcast to a global audience of 358 million households.
  2. 2. Stories of Inclusive Innovation, a series of two-minute documentary-style commercials aired during Horizons commercial breaks that manifest some of DuPont’s most important collaborations.
  3. 3. International thought leadership summits in areas including India, Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia that translate the global concerns of the Horizons series into local debates.
  4. 4. A comprehensive digital strategy, including the microsite (website not available in the UK) which supports the entire project.