Sustainability in marketing

Campaign: Purified Acid Mine Water

Client: Aveng Water

WPP Company: MetropolitanRepublic South Africa

Acid mine water is a hazardous by-product of extensive mining which is dangerous to human health as well as detrimental to the surrounding ecosystem. In South Africa, it is seeping into the ground and flowing into rivers. Aveng Water asked MetropolitanRepublic to create a campaign showcasing their water purification technology which transforms millions of litres of contaminated water to make it 100% drinkable. MetropolitanRepublic packaged the treated water in bottles covered with a shrink-wrap depicting the consistency of contaminated water. A perforated pull-tab removed the shrink-wrap to reveal a clean bottle of purified acid water, allowing people to see with their own eyes what Aveng Water does on a daily basis. The bottles, along with an accompanying brochure showcasing Aveng Water’s water treatment solutions, are used by the business development team when they meet clients or Government officials for the first time. The campaign was awarded with a silver Loerie Award in 2012.

Purified Acid Mine Water