Sustainability in marketing

Campaign: GOODNESS

Client: Pick n Pay

WPP Company: Y&R Cape Town

Y&R Cape Town was asked to create a 360 degree campaign communicating the supermarket Pick n Pay’s core beliefs, that Doing Good is Good Business. The GOODNESS campaign shows how Pick n Pay creates value in how it interacts with its suppliers, customers, communities, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations.

GOODNESS was communicated through corporate publications such as the annual and governance reports, but also on truck fleets, in store, on posters, on shopping bags, in print, and on leaflets, as well as online and through mobile media. In the first three months of the campaign the initiative received nearly R3 million of bought media and over R600,000 has been donated to affiliated charities through loyalty card points so far.

GOODNESS remains an ongoing and dynamic campaign that is continually refreshed with new stories highlighting different sustainable initiatives.