Cause-related marketing

Campaign: Go Water<Less

Client: Levi’s

WPP Company: Blast Radius New York

In 2011, Levi’s launched a range of jeans that required less water to make. In 2012, to promote the range and raise awareness of Levi’s commitment to sustainability Levi’s partnered with to create the Go Water<Less campaign in celebration of World Water Day. Blast Radius created an interactive website challenging people to conserve water through small actions. Each completed challenge unlocked WaterCredits which could be used by to finance projects providing clean water to poor communities worldwide. The website integrated with social networking sites allowing participants to share their efforts with friends. During the two month-long campaign, thousands of people in over 1,300 cities participated in the challenges raising enough WaterCredits to provide clean drinking water for life to 4,110 people around the world.

Go Water<Less