Social marketing

Campaign: Dilemmas

Client: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

WPP Company: Y&R Geneva

Estimates suggest there are some 43 million refugees in the world, but little is understood about the hardships they face. Many people confuse refugees with economic migrants who move country to find better prospects. The UNHCR wanted people to understand that refugees flee because they have no choice. Y&R Geneva created Dilemmas, a global campaign asking people to contemplate the horrific decisions victims of conflict or persecution are forced to take. The campaign leads viewers to, where they can hear stories told by refugees and donate to the UNHCR. The campaign ran in 40 countries in print, on billboards, online and through a series of TV spots featuring the UN’s 13 goodwill ambassadors. During the campaign visitors to the UNHCR website doubled, and the time people spent on the site tripled. Interactions on Facebook doubled, and ‘Likes’ increased by 50%.