Sustainability in marketing

Campaign: Ad Makeover

Client: Dove

WPP Company: Ogilvy & Mather London

Dove’s mission is to make women feel more beautiful, but a worldwide study revealed that only 4% of women describe themselves this way. Negative banner advertisements target and reinforce insecurities.

Ogilvy & Mather London launched the Ad Makeover campaign that empowered women to displace negative ads with positive messages. This was achieved by using an app that outbids ads with negative keywords, ensuring that space would be won by messages that make women feel beautiful instead.

The campaign sparked an international media debate on the use of online advertising. Users displaced over 171 million banners, and there was a 41% increase in mentions of Dove on Facebook. 71% of women polled claimed to feel more beautiful after the Ad Makeover and the campaign won a string of awards, including two Silver Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.