Pro bono

Campaign: The Return of Dictator Ben Ali

Client: Engagement Citoyen

WPP Company: Memac Ogilvy Label Tunis

After the fall of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali, political confusion overwhelmed voters resulting in widespread apathy and a prediction that only 55% of Tunisians would vote in their first free and fair elections. Tunisian NGO Engagement Citoyen re-ignite people’s political enthusiasm and encourage them to vote. Memac Ogilvy Label created a giant poster of Ben Ali and placed it La Goulette, the port of Tunis. The poster provoked protests leading people to tear it down. When they did they discovered another poster underneath warning ‘Don’t let dictatorship return: vote’. The campaign went viral immediately. Visits to the Engagement Citoyen website increased by over 450% and the campaign aired on all Tunisian and Arabic news channels. The campaign won three Gold Cannes Lion and successfully mobilised Tunisians for democracy, achieving a voter turnout of 88%.