Pro bono

Campaign: Skin

Client: PETA Asia

WPP Company: Ogilvy & Mather Beijing

Millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry each year with China being the world’s largest fur exporter. In 2012, Ogilvy & Mather Beijing worked pro bono for PETA Asia to raise awareness of unethical fur farming practices and discourage consumers from purchasing fur products. They created a provocative video depicting animals wearing human skin for fashion which asks viewers to treat animals with the same respect they treat people.

The video was launched on popular Chinese video-sharing websites like Youku Tudou and was viewed over 1 million times in just a few days. Numerous Chinese celebrities, including Mavis Fan and Chet Lam, promoted the video on their personal social media profiles.

The Skin campaign won several creative industry awards both locally and regionally, including three awards at the Spikes Asia Advertising Festival and a Bronze award at the London International Awards.


We believe the film’s emotional appeal has the power to deliver real behaviour change. We’re very excited about the video’s potential reach as its powerful message transcends cultures and borders.”

Ashley Fruno
Senior campaigner