Millward Brown Greater China for Habitat 
for Humanity

Millward Brown Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) is participating in a three-year program with Habitat for Humanity to help construct homes for 12 deprived local families living in dangerous mud houses in Ganhaizi village, Yunnan province, China. Over $140,000 has been invested so far in the project, with volunteers camping among the villagers to help save an additional $1,050 which can then be invested back into the cause. 

Employees also teamed up with the scholarship program ‘You Can’ to help support the education of students from the remote and arid province of Gansu in northwest China. (In China, free government-supported education does not continue beyond the age of nine.) Millward Brown hosted a fundraising exhibition featuring striking images of families living in the hard conditions of Gansu. Moved by the optimism and courage of these people, Millward Brown’s fundraising efforts have raised almost $14,000 so far, helping to sponsor 31 students’ tuition fees for one year. 

The program will continue for the next two years and will support the sponsored students until they graduate from high school. Outstanding students will be offered internships and even permanent jobs at Millward Brown once they finish university.

Millward Brown Greater China for Habitat 
for Humanity