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Campaign: Face Britain

Client: Prince's Foundation for Children & the Arts

WPP Company: The Partners London

In Jubilee year, The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts celebrated by inspiring every child in Britain to make a self-portrait for the Queen.

Face Britain was launched in September 2011 to try and break the world record for a collaborative art project, which stood at 20,000 contributors. Each child had the chance to see their portrait projected onto Buckingham Palace in a celebration of the nation’s diversity in 2012.

The Partners designed and helped launch the Face Britain brand. They also created artists’ packs which were distributed to 30,000 schools across the UK, educating and inspiring teachers to get their students involved.

The charity has been inundated with children’s contributions from the length and breadth of Britain, with the Face Britain online gallery going on to break the world record with 230,000 portraits and counting.

Christie’s of London also held a charity auction of celebrity self-portraits which included Fearne Cotton, Amir Khan, Simon Cowell and Quentin Blake.

Face Britain