Engaging employees for a Brighter Future – Kantar

Since 2010, Kantar, WPP’s consumer insight group, has focused its corporate and community giving activities on the Brighter Futures campaign which supports key UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) programs in Malawi, Bolivia and Bangladesh.

Kantar committed to raise $1 million by 2014, mostly through employee fundraising. Two years on – and two years early – Kantar has already reached the $1 million target. Individuals and teams from Kantar companies around the world have baked cakes, tasted wine, run up skyscrapers, held iPad raffles, played in football tournaments and trekked through the Sahara. Lightspeed Research and Kantar Worldpanel used respondent donations to generate thousands of dollars for the Brighter Futures projects.

A network of charity champions throughout Kantar help to spread the word and get employees involved, while a regular e-magazine, Bright, celebrates employee commitment to the partnership around the globe. A number of Kantar employees have visited the projects to experience at first hand the challenges, risks and dangers that many children face in their daily lives, and returned to share the experience with colleagues.


Brighter Futures is now a common ambition that binds Kantar’s worldwide network of companies and people together. Besides the success achieved in the fundraising area, the program has provided an ideal catalyst in getting people together from all levels, regions and backgrounds across our operating companies. It is a great way to encourage collaboration amongst different teams.”

Alastair Cochrane

Chairman of Kantar Retail and chairman of Kantar’s Global UNICEF Committee


Long-term sustained support allows us to plan ahead and use funds in the most strategic way possible to create long-lasting, well-planned change for children. We are really grateful to Kantar and the Brighter Futures team for helping us work towards this and to be part of such a successful employee engagement programme.”

Amanda Katz

UNICEF’s corporate relations manager