Greening Hill+Knowlton Strategies

In 2012, to recognise the company’s new name and brand, Hill+Knowlton Strategies decided to take a fresh look at its environmental policy, goals and performance. The result was a renewed commitment to operate more efficiently as a company and to establish specific benchmarks in each of its 90 offices across five themes: procurement, energy, resource management, awareness and accountability.

Green champions in each office set goals and implement measures on energy use, business travel, paper use, e-waste and recycling. To date, energy-efficient lighting and water-efficient toilets and sinks have been installed in most offices. Account teams have started rethinking business travel, making better use of technology for internal and client meetings.

Paper use has been reduced significantly, especially in larger offices where monthly billing reports are now distributed electronically. Recycling bins have been upgraded to ensure paper, glass, plastic and cardboard are all recycled appropriately, and e-waste recycling efforts are in place in each major city to ensure computer equipment, phones and old batteries are disposed of safely and responsibly.

Internally, H+K has hosted dozens of workshops, contests and events to raise awareness and share ideas. In addition, many H+K employees have volunteered for organised community clean-up events and environment-themed educational outreach to local schools.