Training and development

Apprenticeship programs

Many WPP companies in the UK operate formal apprenticeship schemes. Cohn & Wolfe is hosting two apprentices in partnership with the PRCA, the professional body for UK PR firms. The Futures Company takes on one apprentice a year from City Gateway, a charity that provides training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youngsters. 

In 2013, MEC, Mindshare and JWT are taking on two apprenticeships via the IPA creative pioneers scheme. The scheme is endorsed by UK Government and offers successful applicants a 12 month apprenticeships in the creative, digital, advertising and PR sectors, leading to an industry-recognised qualification and the opportunity for permanent employment.

MediaCom London’s government-backed apprenticeship scheme, launched in 2012, enables 10 apprentices aged 18-24 to work at MediaCom for a year whilst studying for an NVQ in Marketing and Communications. At the end of the apprenticeship, the candidates are encouraged to apply for a permanent job at the agency. MediaCom is working with charities involved with youth in underprivileged areas to encourage diverse applicants. The training program sees each candidate rotate around agency departments three times during the course of the year. Through the scheme, MediaCom hopes to identify new sources of talent for the agency and diversify its workforce to ensure they are able to effectively engage with all sectors of society. 

MediaCom CEO, Karen Blackett, featured in a radio ad campaign for the National Apprenticeship Service to help other employers understand the many benefits to taking on apprentices.