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Campaign: Live Positively - Every Bottle Has a Story

Client: The Coca-Cola Company WPP company: Ogilvy, Rio

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Live Positively is The Coca-Cola Company’s sustainability framework, a commitment to making a positive difference to the world. Initiatives cover seven areas: Active Lifestyle, Community, Workplace, Energy and Climate Protection, Sustainable Packaging, Global Water Stewardship and Beverage Benefits. 

As part of Live Positively, Ogilvy Rio created the ‘Every Bottle Has a Story project’. Five individuals were captured in documentary style in four different Latin America countries, showcasing some of more than 3,000 sustainability projects supported worldwide. The campaign brings light to stories of real people who have had their lives transformed.

One of the stories features Tião from Brazil, who as a child worked picking rubbish on a landfill site with his mother, and was often taunted at school. He now runs a project that looks for waste to recycle and employs over 100 people. He has great pride in what he does and sees that his job has value and commands respect. The project, in partnership with Coca-Cola, recycles over 240 tonnes of waste a month. 

These powerful stories came to life as a fully integrated campaign: TV ads, print, digital and even a short documentary film. They were printed on Coca-Cola’s packaging, inviting people to engage with the people featured through SMS. Within three months the Live Positively’s Brazilian website received over 100,000 visits and awareness among opinion Leaders went from 14% to 62%. 

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