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Campaign: SmartConnect

Client: Southern California Edison
WPP company: Wunderman, Irvine

In 2011, Southern California Edison (SCE), the US electric utilities company, launched an initiative to install wireless smart meters across its entire customer base. The SmartConnect initiative allows customers to view and manage their consumption online. As part of the initiative SCE also created the Budget Assistant, a tool allowing customers to set energy use targets and be alerted when their energy consumption is running higher than the desired amount. 

To encourage enrolment in the Budget Assistant program and educate SCE customers about the new Edison SmartConnect technology, Wunderman created an integrated promotional campaign delivered in multiple channels. Branded materials were distributed to customers illustrating how SmartConnect technology and the Budget Assistant program helped put customers in control of their monthly bill. A combination of direct mail, brochures, posters and online media helped to highlight the tools available to SmartConnect customers wishing to reduce their energy consumption. Customers were also offered a one-off $20 rewards card incentive to build enrolment. 

The campaign exceeded the programs aim to enroll 6% of customers onto the Budget Assistant program, with over 11% of customers enrolled so far.

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