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Campaign: Add Hope – Wall of Hope

Client: KFCWPP company: Ogilvy, Johannesburg

Hunger kills more people than AIDS, TB and malaria combined. It is the world’s leading health risk. In response to this, KFC South Africa has made the hunger relief a key social responsibility initiative. They started their ‘Add Hope’ initiative in 2009, allowing customers to purchase fictitious meal items for just R2 (approximately $0.26) to help provide a meal for a hungry child.

During World Hunger Relief Month in 2011, Ogilvy Johannesburg helped KFC raise funds and awareness through an interactive art installation called the Wall of Hope. Standing 1.8m high and 115m long, the wall snaked around the open-air court of a popular Johannesburg shopping mall. The steel structure consisted of 5500 empty-bellied childlike figures. Donors simply put their R2 into one of the 5,500 coin slots, emphasising how each donation went to providing food for a child. On ground level, the installation appeared to be a simple maze of laser-cut panels, but when viewed from above it spelled out a single word, Hope.

The campaign ran for four weeks, raising over $250,000 in donations and generating $150,000 worth of PR coverage.

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