The impact of our work

The issue

A growing number of clients are investing in sustainability, seeking to improve the social and environmental performance of their organisation and their products and services. They need advice and communications support to help them gain the maximum benefit from their investment. There is a growing opportunity for WPP companies to use their sustainability expertise for the benefit of our clients, our business and society.

Our response

We believe that the marketing industry can play an important role in helping to create a more sustainable society. For example, by developing the communications that will make sustainable products, services and lifestyles more desirable, and by helping brand owners to deepen their understanding of sustainability issues and changing consumer and societal attitudes. 

Our goal is for WPP to be a centre of excellence for sustainability communication, giving our clients the best advice and enhancing consumers’ understanding of sustainability issues. Our approach encompasses research and insight, branding and strategy advice, and consumer and stakeholder communications. We are seeing growing demand for these services, with sustainability becoming embedded into an increasing number of marketing briefs. 

To support development of our services in this area and encourage collaboration, the parent company provides opportunities for our companies to share information and ideas on sustainability.