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Campaign: Un Techo Nos Levanta (We Raise a Roof)

Client: Un Techo Para mi PaísWPP company: Partners Ogilvy, Santo Domingo

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In Latin America, more than 200 million people live in poverty. Un Techo Para mi País (UTPMP) works to improve the quality of life of impoverished families across the region by constructing transitional houses and implementing social inclusion programs. 

In 2011, Partners Ogilvy created a campaign to help raise the funds and volunteers needed to construct 500 homes. They decided to bring poverty to the attention of the wealthy and make them aware of the conditions thousands of people who live in shanty towns experience every day. To achieve this they placed a shanty house in the middle of a wealthy neighbourhood in the city. Despite the fact that permission had been granted for its construction, the house was dismantled by government officials. Fortunately this was widely covered in the media and on social networks, generating further awareness for the campaign. Postcards were handed out depicting reality of life in a shanty house. Finally, popular TV personality Nasha Bogaert lived for seven days in a real slum and had her experiences streamed online 24/7 through YouTube. A 15-minute summary of her day was aired each night on national television. 

The pro bono campaign was worth $45,000 and raised almost $300,000 for Un Techo Para mi País. More than 2,000 people volunteered as a result of the campaign. In one week the number of Facebook and Twitter followers increased by 400%.

Un techo nos levanta

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