Social investment

The issue

Charities and NGOs need effective marketing to raise awareness and funds and to achieve their campaign objectives. They often lack the resources to invest in these services. Pro bono work and other social investment supports our reputation and employee engagement. 

Our response

WPP companies make a major contribution to society through pro bono work – providing creative services for little or no fee – and by negotiating free media space. Pro bono work is often worth more than the equivalent cash donation and highly valued by charities. 

Pro bono assignments often offer exciting creative opportunities to our people, supporting their development. Many of our pro bono campaigns have been award-winning, helping to promote the creative talents of our companies. 

Pro bono relationships are managed at operating company level. Often they are long-standing partnerships providing support to the same organisation over several years. In some cases, the parent company helps to coordinate pro bono assignments involving multiple Group companies. 

We also contribute to a thriving voluntary/non-profit sector and support causes that are important to our people through cash donations and by supporting employee volunteering. 

£15.3m Total value of social investment(2010: £14.3m)

 Free media space negotiated 
on behalf of pro bono clients(2010: £20.2m)


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