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WPP companies produce hundreds of pro bono campaigns for good causes every year – tackling a wide range of social and environmental issues. Here we feature a small selection produced during 2011. 

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Campaign: Jumbled

Client: Avril Elizabeth Home WPP company: JWT, Johannesburg

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Avril Elizabeth is a care home for intellectually and physically disabled individuals. Avril Elizabeth relies heavily on public donations to enable them to provide care for many of their residents who are orphaned or abandoned. 

In 2011, JWT worked pro bono to create a promotional television and cinema commercial starring residents of Avril Elizabeth Home to help touch the public’s empathy and prompt donations. Disabled residents of Avril Elizabeth Home held up a series of word cards to form sentences. Even though the spelling of the words were deliberately ‘jumbled’, the sentences still made sense. In the same way, even though the residents of Avril Elizabeth Home may be a little different, this doesn’t change their value.

JWT negotiated free media space on behalf of Avril Elizabeth Home, gaining several prime-time slots in local cinemas to help raise awareness and funds. JWT also elicited the help of a mobile media agency to enable donors to make monthly donations via their phone accounts.

The pro bono campaign, worth $170,000, won a Bronze Cannes Lion and a Bronze Loerie.

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