WPP’s 10th sustainability report showcases our approach to social, ethical and environmental issues and reports progress made across the Group during 2011. It is available in print, online and as an iPad app.

Throughout the report we include thoughts and insights on sustainability from our companies.

We have provided information on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) indicators covered in our reporting. A detailed GRI index is also available.

We’d like to know what you think, and welcome your feedback – positive or negative. 
You can contact us at

Social, environmental and ethical issues matter to our business – from the work we do for our clients to the way we run our offices and treat our employees. This report explains our approach to creating a sustainable business and how we performed in 2011. It includes insights and thinking from our operating companies, as well as performance data and case studies.

We focus on five areas that are particularly important for WPP companies: 

  • Impact of our work. Our goal is for WPP to be a centre of excellence for sustainability communication, giving our clients the best advice and enhancing consumers’ understanding of sustainability issues.

  • Marketing ethics. The work we do has the power to influence people’s attitudes and behaviour. It’s important that we meet high ethical standards to protect the interests of consumers and the reputation of WPP and clients.

  • Employment.We invest in leading employment practices to help us recruit the best and brightest people.

  • Environment. We aim for WPP to be a low-carbon Group, which uses resources efficiently and minimises waste. 

  • Social investment. WPP companies make a major contribution to charities and good causes through pro bono work – providing creative services for little or no fee – and by negotiating free media space.

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