Sustainability management

Our approach to managing sustainability issues reflects the diversified and de-centralised structure of the Group. Strategic direction and underlying policy principles are established by the parent company, for example through the WPP Code of Conduct and Group Sustainability Policy. Detailed policies are developed and implemented by our operating companies to reflect their businesses.

We have a small central sustainability function within the parent company, which is responsible for strategy development, coordinating data collection, reporting and communication on sustainability with responsible investors, other stakeholders and our companies. It works with other Group functions, such as our talent team, legal, compliance, communications, internal audit, real estate, IT and procurement, to progress the sustainability agenda. It helps raise awareness of sustainability across the Group and provides support and guidance on sustainability issues to our operating companies. The head of sustainability reports directly to the Group finance director.

We have established key performance indicators to help us review and improve our performance. Sustainability data is collected quarterly through our Group financial reporting system. This is helping to embed sustainability into our operating company management systems.

Each WPP company has a nominated representative who is responsible for completing our annual internal case study survey of sustainability activity.

Corporate sustainability is included in our Group risk management processes.