The issue

Our business relies on the expertise, creativity and insight our people bring to their work. There is fierce competition for talent in many of our markets, particularly in the fast-growing economies where our business is expanding rapidly. To remain competitive we need to constantly update our knowledge and skills in key areas such as digital marketing. 

Our response

Leading employment practices help us to attract and retain a global workforce with the skills and experience to deliver the marketing services our clients need.

We invest in high-quality training, competitive remuneration and employee development and wellbeing. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion helps us to recruit and retain talented people from all backgrounds. Being an inclusive employer enhances creativity by bringing together different experiences and perspectives and enables us to better understand the interests and expectations of consumers in the many different countries where we operate. 

We support education and skills development beyond WPP, to help prevent future skills shortages and contribute to long-term economic prosperity in the countries where we operate. 

WPP’s chief talent officer, Mark Linaugh, and our talent team assist our companies to attract and develop our talent. Our Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy provide guidance to our companies on the principles which should underpin employment policies at WPP companies. Human resources policies are agreed and implemented at operating company level.

WPP employs over 158,000 people (including employees in our associate companies) in almost 2,500 offices in 107 countries. Our organic business growth since 2009 has resulted in the creation of 9,000 jobs. 

WPP employees (including associates)(2010: 146,000)


offices in 107 countries worldwide


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