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Increasing productivity at Y&R

Y&R uses Lean Six Sigma across all of its companies, to increase productivity and efficiency in its operations and client work. Lean Six Sigma is an approach to solving business problems by improving processes, using data and statistics to uncover the root causes of issues and measure performance.

Y&R provides Lean Six Sigma to help employees use this approach. There are two levels of training. Yellow Belt is a one-day basic training, completed by 1,400 employees so far. Green Belt is a two-week intensive course which enables employees to run and lead Six Sigma improvement projects. Y&R has trained 150 employees to Green Belt level so far.

The program has had a significant impact on many client projects. For example, by working with Y&R’s client Colgate, Lean Six SIGMA trainees were able to improve efficiency in key processes, improve productivity and reduce the time spent on some tasks by 49%.

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