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Diversity at Ogilvy US

Ogilvy & Mather takes a broad approach to creating an inclusive workplace and increasing the diversity of its workforce. Its 20-person Employee Advisory Council (EAC), led by Ogilvy’s chief diversity officer, is tasked with supporting its diversity and inclusion strategy, engaging employees on diversity, researching new ideas to shape Ogilvy, and recommending changes related to diversity and inclusion to senior management.

Nine professional networks now operate at Ogilvy to provide professional development and networking, assist in attracting and retaining talent, and support business growth through a diverse workforce. An annual budget enables them to offer educational and networking opportunities for their members and for all employees. Current networks are Women’s Leadership, Ogilvy Doonya for Muslim employees, Black Professional Network, Young Professional Network, Working Parents Network, LatinRED, Ogilvy Pride (LGBT), RedLotus (Asia Pacific) and Administrative Professional Network. Ogilvy provides a range of internship opportunities for diverse students and partners with diversity organisations. It holds mandatory ‘Diversity & Inclusion: Our Competitive Advantage’ training in key North American locations and other more focused training as needed. For example, its courses on ‘Effectively Managing Diverse Teams’ and ‘Uncommon Threads: Managing Generational Diversity Training’.

To make sure Ogilvy keeps abreast of changing practices and expectations, it has established an external Diversity Advisory Board (DAB), led by John Seifert, chairman, Ogilvy North America. The seven external members represent industry, academia and the community and share diversity and inclusion best practices and new ideas with Ogilvy.

Senior employees participate in cross-industry initiatives focused on diversity. For example Donna Pedro, chief diversity officer and Loren Monroe-Trice, partner, HR manager & diversity specialist, are members of the Diversity Advertising Executives Roundtable and AAAA’s Diversity Steering Committee.

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