Campaign: Biosecurity: A Kauri Cries

WPP company:
Ogilvy Auckland
Auckland Council


New Zealand’s native and iconic Kauri trees are being killed by dieback disease. To raise awareness, Ogilvy Auckland set up special cameras around a diseased tree. These recorded the marks made by weeping gum, a symptom of the disease, and turned these images into musical notations. These were then used by the Auckland Philharmonic orchestra to compose a special piece of music – giving the trees a voice.

Results & Awards:

  • 300,000 people listened to the ‘A Kauri Cries’ track.
  • 20% increase in using the dieback cleaning stations.
  • One Show: Silver.
  • D&AD Awards 2017: Pencil.
  • Axis Awards 2017: Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze.
  • 13 - climate
  • 15 - life on land