Campaign: You’re Accepted

WPP company:
GPY&R Melbourne


  • 10 - reduced inequalities
  • 11 - communities

LGBTI youth often fear coming out due to online discrimination. GPY&R Melbourne created an app called You’re Accepted giving LGBTI youth the chance to anonymously find out how many of their friends would support them coming out. The platform allows users to garner support from the people they’re closest to and gauge how their friends will react while remaining completely anonymous.

Results and Awards:

  • 1.1m messages requesting and giving support have been sent.
  • 67% of LGBTI youth engaged with the initiative.
  • 92% increase in confidence to come out to friends and/or family.
  • Cannes Lions 2016: 1 Silver, 2 Bronzes.
  • Spikes Asia 2016: Bronze.