Pro bono work by WPP data, PR and media companies

Campaign: Don’t Label

WPP company:
Mindshare Denmark
Fair Welcome

Mindshare Denmark worked with the human rights charity Fair Welcome to challenge stereotypes. They created a browser plug-in that changes discriminating words online to neutral ones. This allows online sources of information to be objective, helping people form their own opinions.

Results and Awards:

  • Over 12.5m impressions.
  • Over 55,600 downloads.
  • 202,138,500 words changed.
  • Global Cristal Awards 2016: Gold.
  • Creative Circle Awards 2016: Silver.
  • Global Epica Awards 2016: Bronze.
  • Danish Marketing Association: Gold.

Campaign: G(IRLS)20 Summit

WPP company:
Burson-Marsteller EMEA

G(IRLS)20 is the first social profit organization that encourages G20 leaders to recognize female labour force participation as a key to economic growth. Burson-Marsteller EMEA supported the G(IRLS20) Summit 2016 as media and communications partner, supporting the strategic communications and creating awareness around the empowerment of girls and women.


  • Over 4,000,000 people reached.
  • International media coverage included China Daily, China Economic Herald, Beijing Evening News, International Business Daily,, G1, La Repubblica.

Campaign: Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint

WPP company:
Ogilvy Public Relations and OgilvyEarth San Francisco
Art Works for Change

OgilvyEarth partnered with Art Works for Change, a nonprofit that produces contemporary art exhibitions to address critical social and environmental issues. The goal was to increase awareness of the impact of climate change around Earth Day, increase site traffic and garner media attention to the online exhibit Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint. The OgilvyEarth team connected with the media using traditional outreach methods, supplemented with a creative video slideshow that helped to bring awareness to Art Works for Change’s mission.


  • 11m earned media impressions.
  • 1.2m social media impressions.

Campaign: I Am a Refugee

WPP company:
Coley Porter Bell

Coley Porter Bell teamed up with the JCWI to encourage a positive narrative around the impact of refugees on UK culture at a time of heightened sensitivity. Inspiration came from the iconic blue English Heritage plaques which recognise historically important people in Britain. They erected plaques featuring influential refugees who have settled and contributed to life in the UK. They also created a website highlighting the growing refugee crisis, sharing stories of refugees and calling for peoples support.

Campaign: Real Time Donations

WPP company:
Kinetic Germany

In response to the refugee crisis many Germans donated generously to Diakonia, a local charity. However, many of the donations were either unusable or not required when they arrived. To encourage people to donate in a better way Kinetic Worldwide created the first real-time donation drive that told donors exactly what was needed and when. Data was collected by on-the-ground social workers and shared via 160 live billboards reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

Results and Awards:

  • Donations increased by 65%.
  • Diakonia brand awareness increased by 78%.
  • Outdoor Advertising Awards: Gold.
  • Cristal Awards 2016: Gold.

Campaign: #TakeOffTheTape

WPP company:
MEC Manchester

MIND enlisted the help of MEC Manchester to help tackle the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. The team developed a digital campaign to show young people how important it is to discuss mental health issues before symptoms exacerbate. A series of campaign assets were created showing people how to get involved and encouraging social influencers to join the movement.

Results and Awards:

  • 42.5m Twitter impressions.
  • 9,412 Likes on Instagram.
  • £400,000 worth of free advertising.
  • 2016 MPA Awards: Best Digital Agency Campaign, Big Bang and Best in Class.