Campaign: We Can Teach Each Other

WPP company(s):
J. Walter Thompson Dubai
Dubai Cares


There are 124 million children and adolescents around the world that don’t go to school and a further 250 million cannot read and write. Dubai Cares works to improve children’s access to quality education in developing countries. It has created a first-of-a kind skill exchange between children in developing and developed countries, and J. Walter Thompson Dubai helped promote the campaign. Through YouTube tutorials, children in developing countries taught the children of the UAE the skills they’ve learned. All they ask in return from the UAE’s people is to teach them how to read through making donations.


  • Donations doubled from previous year.
  • 98,920 views of the campaign on YouTube.
  • One tutorial reached 80,358 views.
  • 4 - education
  • 10 - reduced inequalities
  • 17- partnerships