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Notes 6-10

8. Ordinary dividends

The Board has recommended a first interim dividend of 7.46p (2010: 5.97p) per ordinary share. This is expected to be paid on 14 November 2011 to share owners on the register at 14 October 2011.

The Board recommended a second interim dividend of 11.82p per ordinary share in respect of 2010. This was paid on 4 July 2011.

Following share owner approval at the Company’s General Meeting, the Board has put in place a Scrip Dividend Scheme which enables share owners to elect to receive new fully paid ordinary shares in the Company instead of cash dividends, this scheme commenced with the second interim dividend for 2010.

The Company continues to operate the Dividend Access Plan which allows share owners who have elected (or, by virtue of holding 100,000 or fewer shares, are deemed to have elected) to participate in the plan to receive cash dividends from a UK source without being subject to any Irish or UK withholding taxes.

The Scrip Dividend Scheme Circular and the rules of the Company’s Dividend Access Plan are available to view on the Company’s website