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Notes 11-15

12. Goodwill and acquisitions

Goodwill in relation to subsidiary undertakings increased by £232.2 million (30 June 2010: £243.2 million) in the period. This movement includes both additional goodwill arising on acquisitions completed in the period and adjustments to goodwill relating to acquisitions completed in prior years, net of impairment charges and the effect of currency translation. Goodwill in relation to associate undertakings decreased by £14.2 million (30 June 
2010: increased by £14.6 million) in the period.

Future anticipated payments to vendors in respect of both deferred and earnout obligations totalled £233.0 million (period ended 30 June 
2010: £232.6 million; year ended 31 


2010: £275.3 million). Earnouts are based on the directors’ best estimates of future obligations, which are dependent on the future performance of the interests acquired and assume the operating companies improve profits in line with directors’ estimates.

The contribution to revenue and operating profit of acquisitions completed in the period was not material. There were no material acquisitions completed during the period or between 30 June 2011 and the date the interim financial statements have been approved.