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Here we outline our progress in 2009 on our key corporate responsibility issues and our plans for the future.

Issue and goals   Summary of progress in 2009 Our plans
The impact of our work The social and environmental impact of our work for clients is a key CR issue for WPP. We aim to be a centre of excellence for environmental and social communication.   Our companies advised numerous clients on corporate responsibility issues during the year and published a wide range of research on CR-related topics. Our companies continue to develop bespoke services in this area. Create an internal cross-functional network of sustainability expertise.
Marketing ethics We expect all work by WPP companies to comply with marketing codes and regulations, and for our companies to identify and manage any ethical risks associated with client work.   Our Code of Conduct was updated and strengthened to address risks associated with client work. In 2009 we prepared a training module on assessing risks associated with client work. Broad cross-company training on the revised Code of Conduct will be rolled out during 2010. The internal audit program of work now incorporates a review of the considerations given by management to possible impacts on the Group’s reputation prior to accepting new clients. Continue to comply with all laws and industry codes governing marketing material. Improve standards and measurement in marketing practices.
Privacy Privacy and data protection are priority issues for all our companies and we aim to meet best practice standards.   Our internal audit function included privacy in its reviews of Group companies. Our key digital marketing and research companies nominated senior executives to provide leadership on privacy and to work with other companies in the Group. We continued to communicate regularly with clients on privacy issues to explain our approach and help them to keep abreast of current thinking and best practice. We collaborated with NGOs and others in our industry to improve privacy standards and ensure that information is accessible to consumers. We will publish baseline privacy principles for all WPP companies and extend training and guidance to more Group companies and practice areas.
Employment We aim to attract and retain the most talented employees from all backgrounds.   Women accounted for 32% of Board members/executive leaders, 46% of senior managers and 54% of total employees. 43 nationalities are represented among WPP Leaders and Partners (employees receiving the top level incentive from the parent company). We invested £39.9 million in training and wellbeing compared with £42.6 million in 2007. Continue to assist our companies and their talent teams’ efforts to attract, develop and retain our talent.
Environment We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Climate change is our priority and our goal is to make WPP a low-carbon Group.   We have achieved a 10% reduction in our CO2 emissions since 2006. We have established more than 40 shared high-definition videoconferencing units around the world which can be used by any WPP company to reduce air travel. We have established strategies for reducing our impacts relating to waste and water use. Reduce absolute CO2 emission by 40% by 2020 (from 2006 levels). Reduce per head carbon intensity to 1.2 tonnes by 2020 (from 3.3 tonnes in 2006).
Social investment Our companies are encouraged to undertake pro bono work for not-for-profit organisations involved in tackling social and environmental issues and to support good causes through donations and employee volunteering.   Our social investment was worth £14.9 million, compared with £14.6 million in 2008 and equivalent to 1.8% of reported profit before tax. This includes direct cash donations to charities of £4.1 million and £10.8 million worth of pro bono work. WPP media agencies negotiated £27.3 million of free media space on behalf of pro bono clients. To continue making a significant contribution to good causes through pro bono application of our marketing skills and direct donations to charity.

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