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Campaign: Skin cancer awareness

Campaign: Skin cancer awareness

Client: The Association for Preventive Dermatology (ADP)
WPP company: Y&R, Germany

In Europe, more than 54,000 people are affected by skin cancer every year.

Y&R Germany developed a pro bono television commercial for the Association for Preventive Dermatology (ADP), whose mission is to help people to protect their skin.

The commercial shows what looks like a beautiful cellular structure, but in a dramatic twist it is revealed that it is part of fatal skin cancer. The message attached: skin checks will help save your life.

The agency also developed a wall calendar for dermatologist waiting rooms to remind people to check themselves regularly. As the year progresses the little black spot behind the dates on the calendar sheets grows bigger and bigger, imitating a cancerous mole.

The campaign increased the click rate on the ADP website by 30% and increased downloads of information from the site by 42%.