Health and wellbeing

Health in the workplace is about more than preventing accidents. Employee health can influence productivity and staff morale; whilst time taken off work for treatment and recovery is a cost to our business.

Most of our people are office-based. We have identified two main risks to the health and wellbeing of our workforce: stress and ergonomics-related injuries.

Our companies seek to create an environment where people feel able to discuss any issues, including stress, with their manager or human resources department. The risk of work-related stress is assessed through regular staff surveys and by checking issues raised via our Right to Speak helpline, employee assistance programs and during exit interviews.

Employee training and good workplace design can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury and back problems.

We have collected health and safety data for the last two years through our financial reporting system. We are working to improve the accuracy of the data and hope to include it in future CR reports.

Health and wellbeing at JWT

JWT believes that healthy, happy employees not only work harder but have more fun doing it. JWT is committed to providing fitness resources, counselling, health services and a whole host of extra-curricular activities. Each office in the network provides solutions custom-fit to the needs and interests of local employees.

Here are some highlights:

  • JWT Johannesburg hosts a staff wellness day as well as a drawing and painting group.
  • RMG Germany provides free yoga classes for all its people.
  • JWT New York provides gym membership discounts and free flu shots.
  • RMG Connect North America hosts regular Work-Life sessions such as “How to Manage Debt and Stress”.
  • JWT Mumbai hosts an annual corporate Olympics, regular salsa classes, and a Diwali Indian Festival of Light.
  • JWT Bangkok coordinates a mobile doctor for on-site annual physicals.