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Rupert Day

Report by Rupert Day
Chief executive officer


016 was a significant year for tenthavenue.

As the global leader in reaching people ‘on the move’, we see continued interest in the support of out-of-home (OOH) inventory against other channels driven by the following key factors:

  • Increased demand for inventory based on targeted audiences versus simple location data.
  • Cross-channel integration such as geo-located OOH combined with mobile display.
  • Further automation resulting in increased efficiency of creative distribution.
  • Ability to optimise the creative on a real-time basis.
  • Advertisers’ concerns over fraud, viewability, brand safety and waste of digital programmatic.

tenthavenue is best placed, among its peers, to take advantage of this momentum and deliver optimised branding as well as drive-to-store solutions by integrating:

  • Creative production/origination and content acquisition/specialist platform versioning through the partnership of Candyspace and Spafax.
  • Technical delivery infrastructure, with its proprietary technical competence around developments such as Reach, or its digital reformatting capabilities, Spafax Hub, and OOH media specialists, Kinetic and Aviator.

Our sales-side business strategy is driven by a focus on reaching travellers: consumers who travel for business; leisure/entertainment and retail; and the understanding of interactions around these different activities.

To best deliver this we have organised our businesses into three units:

1. Creation of audiences

In the last quarter of 2016, we launched Bookmark by merging Forward Worldwide and Spafax Content. The new entity will work with travel and retail clients to build audiences aligned with their brand – either funded directly by the client or through third-party advertising.

2. Exclusive rights or products to sell into existing audiences

Spafax Networks and TMARC (with the acquisition of Platform5) will build exclusive opportunities to reach traveller and retail audiences.

3. Audience networks

tenthavenue media offers travel audience solutions by selling directly to advertisers and supported by tech, creative and data fees on a fully-transparent basis.

As a specialist, we constantly need to re-affirm our point of difference so, in 2017, we will build new opportunities across these three areas, again focusing on travellers, through a mixture of acquisitions, partnerships and in-house product development.

It is with many thanks to the 1,500 people who work within tenthavenue, our clients and partners that I feel confident that 2017 will be our seventh consecutive year of above-market growth.