Lindsay Pattison

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Lindsay Pattison

Report by Lindsay Pattison
Worldwide chief executive officer


016 was about putting the engine in place that will propel Maxus in the future.

Innovative, ambitious new clients came into our agency: BT/EE, US digital retailer and Huawei appointed us in 35 markets. These visionaries are just a few examples of those who are absolutely reliant on new technology and new forms of communications.

Technology inside and out has been our focus. New services included our Tech Consulting group and a unique PAYG DMP for clients who want nimble access to data. Internally, we restructured our agency to ensure that TED (technology, effectiveness & data) sits at the heart of what we do, creating outputs that differentiate our ability to plan, activate and optimise media.

But tech doesn’t matter without the best talent. We’ve made it a mission to improve gender equality at Maxus. In 2016 we launched Walk the Talk, an intensive coaching experience for senior Maxus women, arming them with the confidence for their ‘bigger game’, ensuring that our leadership is reflective of the wider world around us. Over 800 women have completed the course and 22 secured promotions within eight months.

The average age of a Maxus colleague is (just) 28. Gen Y have a very different set of values and motivations for work; for example diversity, transparency and a desire for global mobility. So we launched the Maxus Global Exchange. This saw 75 Maxus people from 45 countries travel to experience another culture, ways of working and forge strong relationships.

We launched Walk the Talk, an intensive coaching experience for senior Maxus women

Our talent initiatives were driven by Rudi Symons, promoted to chief talent officer. Also welcomed to our global board were Dan Benedict, chief client officer, and Pam Sullivan, our LA leader. And we promoted Jen Smith as our first global creative director to collaborate and create with other WPP agencies around the world.