Mike Hudnall

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WPP Health & Wellness

Mike Hudnall

Report by Mike Hudnall
Chief executive officer


PP Health & Wellness is a new entity that unites the Group’s broad capability under one banner to significantly advance our offer for our clients across the spectrum of health.

The growing ubiquity of health today is ushering in an era of unprecedented cross-industry partnerships and innovation that present tremendous opportunities for our clients and our business. Building on WPP’s areas of competitive advantage, we are well positioned to seize these opportunities, accelerate growth and new value for our clients. Our strategy centers around advancing horizontality, which we began with the formation of this healthcare specialist practice. Beyond that, we are establishing health-focused partnerships with Group companies designed to strengthen our collective healthcare capabilities, and create modern specialized services that will accelerate growth in 2017 and beyond.

WPP Health & Wellness unites the Group’s broad capability under one banner

2016 was a strong year for our healthcare business, punctuated with coveted new business assignments and meaningful contributions to client partnerships that drove substantial growth across our healthcare portfolio. We also won more Cannes Lions Health awards than any other holding company last year, underscoring WPP’s creative reputation.