Ajaz Ahmed

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Ajaz Ahmed

Report by Ajaz Ahmed
Chief executive officer


n a world where digital is everywhere, AKQA’s passion is a thoughtful, considered and intelligent experience at every connection. Our primary motivations are as relatable and easily understood as the work they help to inspire. The three metrics that matter most to us are:

1. The creation of genre-redefining work that makes a cultural impact;

2. Encouraging positive feedback from audiences; and

3. Contributing to the career development of our colleagues.

That’s why our focus is predominantly on progressing a culture that gives our team the canvas and environment to create work that elevates the spirit and why we care about delivering meaningful results for our clients.

... the goal of each assignment [is] to be the best of its kind in the world

It’s heartening therefore to have achieved a 93% client retention rate, being voted by our people as one of the UK’s top three employers, while achieving incredible feedback from audiences worldwide from the work we create. At the same time, we won more than 100 honours in 2016, including seven Cannes Lions, and were also named Agency of The Year and Gaming Agency of the Year by IAB and PromaxBDA respectively.

Many of our ideas are born from the frustration of looking at what already exists and asking the question: “why does it have to be this way?,” making the goal of each assignment to be the best of its kind in the world. Through artificial intelligence, the conversational interface and technological advances, we create beautiful, memorable work that’s helping to simplify and enhance the way people live and communicate.

With ideas that move the world, we architect and deliver remarkable brand and customer experience. A common thread has now emerged amongst the clients we collaborate with: the need for a strategic partner to provide a cohesive blueprint and future vision for their business, rooted in reaching the audiences of today and tomorrow. This clarity of purpose will help our clients to increase their relevance and expand their connection in an environment that’s now defined by accelerating change.