Sabina Teshler

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Sabina Teshler

Report by Sabina Teshler
Founder and chief executive officer


ET continues to work towards its mission of ‘making experiences through physical interactions the most powerful and most craved media channel for people and brands today.’ As brands continue to allocate a greater share of the overall marketing budget to non-traditional channels, SET is uniquely positioned to capture a greater portion of this spend.

Our financial performance in 2016 reflects this trend. With net revenue growth exceeding 50%, 2016 was truly a banner year for our agency. With the support of WPP and Group XP, SET has enjoyed some major client wins connected to the NY studio including Verizon, The North Face, The Gap and Sennheiser, leading to threefold growth of the studio.

As our client relationships increasingly move upstream, we continue to elevate our strategic and creative talent and thus broadening our service offering to support the experience needs of marketing executives. Last year we added two ECDs to our team, Simon Hatter and Jodi Terwilliger. We’ve also created a digital production team that supports the new experience needs of our client partners.