Reports from our company leaders


Report by Rupert Day
Chief executive officer


ur objectives for 2015 were two-fold: the continuous development of our existing services to clients through the application of data and technology; and the creation of new products and services focused around increasing the efficiency of clients’ marketing.

Application of data and technology

Reaching audiences with precision when they are outside their home is critical to some clients and creates opportunities for tenthavenue to plan and execute media and content in unison.

Growth of digital screens in the out-of-home (OOH) environment and new distribution technologies create the potential to build near- to real-time content optimization and enables the innovative use of mobile data to understand geo-located OOH audiences. Our development of new planning techniques joins up audiences across locations, devices and screens. This is especially true in retail. Our recent successes include:

  • Kinetic China being awarded the full service media assignment for Swatch in China; covering all of television, print, OOH and online.
  • Poster Conseil/Kinetic in France is starting to revolutionize OOH planning and measurement by utilizing mobile data from Spafax Networks.

Increasing client efficiency 

The opportunity to tenthavenue lies in the area of content creation, management and distribution.

  1. Build once for all screens
    Combining content management and digital production capabilities from agencies such as Forward and Candyspace allows us to design content, then build the core asset once only and allow for screen and market adaptation. This drives savings for clients, true transparency on cost of asset creation and aligns content across all publishers. Clients have realised that getting ad networks to build creative execution is expedient but far from best practice.
  2. Manage and distribute
    tenthavenue is developing technology solutions in the management and distribution of content to catch up to the efficiencies already seen in online digital. Specifically, where inefficiencies still pervade or unique market circumstance exist, i.e.:
    • Out of home screens in all markets; and
    • Developing markets where mobile handsets are the primary screens – and where functionality is lower and data costs are higher.

Our development of new planning techniques joins up audiences across locations, devices and screens

As ever, many thanks to all our clients, partners and people for their support in 2015.