Reports from our company leaders


Report by Lindsay Pattison
Worldwide chief executive officer


ur industry is undergoing massive transformational change. In 2015, Maxus carried out a study in partnership with the Financial Times into what change means to business leaders. We discovered that whilst 90% are experiencing transformational, technologically-driven change, only 24% feel prepared.

We continued to secure outstanding new talent, embracing fiercely smart strategy and tech leaders

This sharpened Maxus’ proposition: we lead clients through change to deliver meaningful business results. In 2015, we achieved this through a mix of smart organic growth and a steadfast focus on strengthening existing client relationships. We expanded specialist services for clients like NBCU, Valeant, Church & Dwight, BT, Huawei and Aldi to name but a few.

Key to our evolution is the launch of a new planning approach – Change Planning – which starts with the simple question; “Where are you today… where do you want to be tomorrow?” and results in a plan that informs strategic change. To embed this, we trained 180 senior client leaders, developing skills of resilience, curiosity and presence.

We continue to pioneer in high-growth regions, launching Maxus Mesh in Asia as a marketing command centre to leverage the combined power of big data, content and advanced analytics to drive accountability in real, or close to real-time.

In the US, we saw super-strong performance with huge topline growth under Steve Williams’s leadership, and we were delighted to win an Effie for our work on NBC Sports. India continues to be our most-awarded market, winning five effectiveness awards at AMES APAC and Digital & Social Agency of the Year locally.

Our ‘East out’ strategy for new business triumphed, as we welcomed the $200 million Huawei account into a global remit, having held the business locally in China.

And we continued to secure outstanding new talent, embracing fiercely smart strategy and tech leaders to our global exco and charismatic leaders in key markets.

2015 has been a stellar year for Maxus; through our behaviours, attitude, work and results we are leading change and I’m really excited to build on this momentum in 2016.